Dancing with Mortality Cover MEDIUM WEB

After two murders and 20 years of silence, a chance to make it right.

In a troubled Ireland of the 1980’s, murder sets the scene for a story that links two men on opposite sides of the struggle in a twenty year search for justice. But is their time running out?

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A Terminal Agenda Cover MEDIUM WEB

The Severance Series, Book 1

When the only form of justice that counts is your own

What should be a straightforward murder investigation for London DCI Nick Severance turns into something  more sinister. How far can he be pushed before he compromises his principles?

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A Trade to Die For Cover MEDIUM WEB

The Severance Series, Book 2

Divulging lost secrets can be murder

In his first mission for the Crimson Dragon Society, Nick Severance finds himself drawn into a situation where events of the past have a murderous impact in the present. Can he deal with that impact and emerge unscathed?

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The Revenge Season Cover MEDIUM WEB

The Severance Series, Book 3

Timing is everything.

Is revenge really a dish best served cold? Nick Severance is about to find out, the hard way.

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The Severance Trilogy Box Set MEDIUM WEBThe Severance Trilogy box set – the first three Nick Severance stories in one e-book

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The Imperfect Assassin – Book 4 in the Severance Series

How far would you go to serve your country?

Take a woman, whose physical abilities have been enhanced by the latest genetic technology. Train her to use them to kill enemies of the state. Put her out in the field and let her do her job. And when she’s done your bidding and she’s no more use to you, decommission her with extreme prejudice. If you can.

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