The Severance Trilogy Box Set MEDIUM WEB

The Severance Trilogy – get all three books in one e-book box set

Book 1 – A Terminal Agenda

When the only form of justice that counts is your own

What should be a straightforward murder investigation for London DCI Nick Severance turns into something  more sinister. How far can he be pushed before he compromises his principles?

Book 2 – A Trade To Die For

Divulging lost secrets can be murder

In his first mission for the Crimson Dragon Society, Nick Severance finds himself drawn into a situation where events of the past have a murderous impact in the present. Can he deal with that impact and emerge unscathed?

Book 3 – The Revenge Season

Timing is everything

Is revenge really a dish best served cold? Nick Severance is about to find out, the hard way.

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