The seventh book in The Severance Series

Nick Severance and his pregnant wife Mariko leave Japan for the United Kingdom, intending to settle there and bring up their child.

Nick is offered his first case as a private investigator in London. There are two things his client, the CEO of a hotel group, wants to know. Can the ransomware gang that paralysed the group’s IT systems be tracked down and brought to justice? And was the hit and run that killed his son Gordon, who was the group’s IT security director, really an accident?

Nick agrees to find answers to those questions. The most promising lead comes in the shape of Gordon’s mysterious girlfriend, who it seems nobody met until the day of his funeral. In trying to establish just where she fits in, Nick uncovers a plot to compromise the security of the country. His discovery puts him and Mariko at serious risk, and results in the kind of ransom demand that under the circumstances, nobody could ever pay.

But it’s a demand that won’t remain unanswered. There’s too much to lose.

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