An early morning suicide. Or was it murder? The police don’t think so. But what if they’re wrong?

A popular yoga teacher is found dead in his studio. There are no suspicious circumstances, and the case is closed. But the dead man’s partner thinks otherwise.

She turns to Ralph de Malmanche, rookie private investigator. Ralph had a moment of fame a year earlier when he solved the mystery surrounding the death of his sister. Back then he was driven by personal concerns, but this time it’s professional. His brief? Find evidence to prove the yoga teacher’s death wasn’t a suicide after all.

When Ralph starts digging, he discovers a link to a yoga cult with a charismatic leader known as The Swami. They’re into mind control, psychedelic drugs, and the persecution of former members. And they might even steal his girlfriend.   

But would they commit murder? When it gets personal again, Ralph may just find out.

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