The fourth book in The Severance Series

How far would you go to serve your country?

Take a woman, whose physical abilities have been enhanced by the latest genetic technology. Train her to use them to kill enemies of the state. Put her out in the field and let her do her job. And when she’s done your bidding and she’s no more use to you, decommission her with extreme prejudice. If you can.

Nick Severance has a new assignment. When his wedding celebrations in Japan are interrupted by news of a local killing in unusual circumstances, he is ordered to find the person responsible. His first clue takes him to London, and from there he goes on the hunt for a woman who manages to stays one step ahead as she does the lethal job she was trained for.

By the time they meet, she’s being sought by several people and the results of her actions threaten to harm thousands more. Can she redeem herself? Does she want to? And will Nick help, hinder or kill her? 

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